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GraphLinq Protocol
GraphLinq Protocol enables anything & everything crypto/defi oriented to be built without having to code. Build on our IDE now:
GraphLinq Protocol Q2 2021 Progress Update

The 2nd quarter of this year just ended and here are highlights of everything that GraphLinq achieved in Q2 of 2021. Our motive has been to provide a seamless experience to all users of the platform, and hereby we are proud to share with you our progress update.

Major GraphLinq IDE Updates in Q2, 2021

IDE Update v1.0.6

In this update, we integrated new blocks to fetch data prices from Liquidity Provider tokens, and we will soon integrate more for lending / APY information over the different available protocols (such as Compound, Aave, etc.)

Also, we’ve added connectors and blocks…

Elrond Partners With GraphLinq

We are honored to announce that GraphLinq partnered up with Elrond for integration on the Engine, IDE, App & Analytics.

As of right now, you can go to the GraphLinq IDE to experiment with the Elrond components and create your first smart workflow. For example, you could set up a flow that sends a telegram notification every time you receive a transaction in Maiar. GraphLinq will launch more blocks, and pre-made templates for Elrond next week.

“Our growing community of supporters and ecosystem partners are very excited about the capabilities of the Elrond Network, but not all of them are developers. Tools like Graphlinq enable more people to experiment with our tech directly and seize opportunities that normally require writing…

Today, we are announcing the release of Lua virtual machine on the GraphLinq network for scripting, offering even more freedom & flexibility while creating graphs. Not sure how to create graphs? Learn how to create your first graph today on GraphLinq

What is Lua, and what I can do with it on GraphLinq?

Lua is a powerful and fast programming language that is easy to learn and use. Lua is designed to be a lightweight embeddable scripting language. It is used for all sorts of applications, from games to web applications and image processing.

Any developer can now create scripts in their personal graph to basically make any needed Arithmetic without having…

GraphLinq — The No Code protocol for automating actions on-chain & off-chain, launched in just March 2021, has come a long way bringing users in the crypto space a never-seen model of integrating blockchain automation on any blockchain-related/non-related task.
The goal of GraphLinq protocol is to allow users to interact blockchains with any connected system as effortlessly as possible without any prior knowledge of coding.

GraphLinq ecosystem currently consists of an engine, an integrated development environment (IDE) & an app to provide automated services all while leveraging centralized/decentralized data streams, several blockchains, and more. Learn: | Build: |…

It has almost been 2 months since we’ve been on this journey. We’ve come a long way in regards to our development progress. We already have over 200+ logical blocks on our no-code drag & drop IDE for blockchain applications, an easier no-code interface for newcomers and over 20 pre-made templates to choose from!

Before talking about the new and upcoming integrations on GraphLinq, let’s take a look at what’s new on our IDE & Analytics:

IDE v1.1.0

  • Project management system: You can now have multiple graph project in the IDE
  • New LiveCoinWatch block, you will be able to fetch coin data…

GraphLinq has launched an easier interface on which enables complete nocoders to simply build powerful tools/automations/bots in just couple of clicks. In just 3 simple steps, you can deploy your first graph:

Step 1: Give your graph a name & choose a template

Step 2: Fill/edit your preferred variables

Step 3: Click on “Deploy” and view logs on “ My Graphs”

Yes, that’s all you need to do and you’re done!

If you want to see how your graph works or if you’re a more advanced user, just click on “Edit On IDE” to navigate to GraphLinq’s IDE with your chosen template. On our IDE you’ve around 200 logical blocks available already, with new blocks being added regularly.

Creating your first Graph on GraphLinq using IDE:


Telegram Community:


So the first thing that we got to do is download the telegram. And since I’m going to be using my iPhone, I’m going to download telegram from the app store. If you want to download telegram for any of your other devices, you can do so by going to

Okay so once you have telegram installed, click on “start messaging”, enter your cell phone number that you’ll be using.

Since I have the telegram app on my pc The verification code will be sent there, but for the new telegram users the code will be sent to…

Celebrating the one-month GLQ anniversary date, we deployed another huge update on our network to create more use-cases for our Engine & IDE.
We have now more than 186 logical blocks available on the IDE and will keep delivering based on each new feature that we are developing!

Based on what we already achieved, we were only doing monitoring and read-only activity from chain and off-chain as of now.
It’s time to enable the true potential of GraphLinq Protocol by adding the execution over chain and off-chain, pushing the boundaries even further.

Today, we enabled trading access over the leading…

Mariela, Business Developer at Introducing The CMO Of GraphLinq: Hello everyone! Today we have our AMA to get to know Graphlinq a bit more!

Let’s welcome their CMO @Rish_Graphlinq !!

Thanks for being here!

Rishabh: Hi @marielat

Thanks for having me here.

Mariela: We are excited to learn more about your project…

But first tell us a bit more about you

Q. Tell us about how you entered the crypto space and how your background contributed to your early successes

Rishabh: Sure

So I entered the crypto space back in 2016, and since then I have been involved with…

In 4 days it’s going to be one month since our ILO. Over this short period of time, we have surpassed four thousand hodlers and have grown our community to over five thousand people. We have been listed on Uniswap, 0X Protocol, 1inch, smartdex, Hotbit & Cointiger.

We have Partnered with Polygon (Matic) for layer 2 solutions and to add support for matic to our engine, IDE & analytics platforms. During our ILO and private sale, which was historic for Graphlinq, we sold 50% of GLQ’s total supply. Which equates to 250 million GLQ. 73 million of the remaining…

GraphLinq Protocol

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