Empowering Graphlinq users: Partnership with Mobula

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3 min readMay 16, 2024


Graphlinq’s ongoing mission to develop a more interconnected and accessible blockchain ecosystem is the driving force behind our latest team-up with Mobula, a dynamic player in the crypto-data field.

Mobula’s API offers comprehensive data access, advanced analytics, and enhanced automation capabilities. Now, every project or liquidity pool created on the GLQ Chain will be visible on Mobula, making everything easier to track and use.

Incorporating Mobula’s API into GraphLinq is a significant step forward for the GLQ Chain. This move will help analysts and businesses unlock the full potential of GLQ on-chain data.

This is also great news for developers, especially with Hub and our Grant Program right around the corner!

Here is how this integration is set to revolutionize your experience with Graphlinq:

  • Staying one step ahead of the market. Harness market data to automate your workflows and forecast future trends. This will help you make smarter investment decisions and potentially increase returns.
  • Keeping your finances secure. Utilize detailed wallet and transaction data to build tools that monitor transactions and prevent fraud.
  • Making informed decisions. Analyze blockchain data thoroughly, spotting trends, predicting market movements, and managing investment risks effectively.
  • Keeping your investments in check. Use wallet data to monitor digital assets, optimize portfolios to achieve your financial goals.
  • Getting insights. Use customized reporting tools, delivering relevant information tailored to your business needs.

All of this and more is made possible by a tailored data suite that is essential for comprehensive blockchain analysis and operations:

  • Automation Triggers: You can set up triggers based on specific events in the blockchain, like changes in asset prices or wallet balances. These triggers can start automated workflows, making managing blockchain activities easier and faster.
  • Smart Contract Events: Get detailed insights into events from smart contracts on GraphLinq. This helps developers track contract interactions and outcomes in real-time, which is crucial for apps that need immediate contract execution.
  • Integration with Traditional Databases: Mobula’s API seamlessly integrates blockchain data with traditional databases. Merge blockchain data with external sources for more comprehensive analytics and reporting.
  • Custom Data Feeds: Besides standard data, Mobula’s API supports custom data feeds tailored to different user needs. This ensures enterprises and developers get exactly the data they need for their apps and decisions.
  • Market Data: Get extensive market data like real-time prices, trading volumes, and historical data across exchanges. Analyze past trends, test trading strategies, and understand market dynamics better.
  • Wallet Data: Access detailed wallet information including balances and transaction histories. Historical transaction data helps track changes over time, assess event impacts, and improve financial strategies.
  • Metadata: Mobula provides enriched metadata on GraphLinq assets, such as token specifications and transaction details. This data helps understand asset characteristics and blockchain activities better.

The possibilities don’t end here!

Looking ahead, Mobula’s API for the GraphLinq platform is set to become even more dynamic and user-friendly.

Excitingly, developers, enterprises, and analysts will soon have access to features that give them even greater control and customization options, meeting their evolving needs, and empowering them to extract maximum value from the GraphLinq ecosystem!

Make the most of the market — click the link to explore further: mobula.io/chain/graphlinq



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