GraphLinq Hub Spotlight. What to expect?

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2 min readFeb 27, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of crypto, where time is of the essence and the market never sleeps, finding a reliable and intuitive platform that integrates diverse features is essential.

As our team is always working hard to improve our users’ experience, we are excited to announce that a new feature is on the horizon, set to improve the way you use our platform.

Introducing Graphlinq Hub

With decentralized exchange at its core, the GraphLinq Hub will be offering a set of features that’ll appeal to both experienced traders and newbies, making their experience smoother, easier, and more rewarding.

What features await you in Graphlinq Hub?

  • Supplying Liquidity and Getting LP Trading Fees

One of the cornerstones of DeFi is liquidity providing, and GraphLinq Hub will be empowering users to become LPs with its robust liquidity pool ecosystem.

By supplying liquidity to the pools, you will not only contribute to the efficiency of the market but also earn trading fees as a reward and foster a liquid ecosystem on GraphLinq Chain.

  • Swapping ERC20/GraphLinq Chain Tokens

Seamless token swaps are essential for facilitating smooth transactions, and GraphLinq Hub aims to offer a streamlined solution for swapping ERC20 and GraphLinq Chain tokens.

  • Earning Yields Through Farming Pools

Farming pools on GraphLinq Hub will allow you to earn yields by staking your tokens. This is a great way to maximize your ROI and take advantage of the potential growth of the GraphLinq ecosystem.

  • Staking GLQ and Getting Rewards

By staking GLQ tokens, you will be able to earn rewards in the process. This not only incentivizes long-term hodling of GLQ tokens but also ensures the decentralization and resilience of the GraphLinq Chain network.

Additionally, staking rewards serve as a mechanism for distributing governance power among GLQ holders, fostering a community-driven approach to platform development and decision-making.

Other features in development for Graphlinq Hub include:

  • Validator page to delegate your stake and contribute to the decentralization of the network.
  • Launchpad to bring your ideas to life and launch innovative DeFi projects directly at the Graphlinq Hub.
  • Bento UI Smart Engine which will be connected to the Graphlinq Hub to execute no-code transactions without managed wallets, so you can perform your on-chain tasks effortlessly.

Get ready to explore new possibilities, streamline your workflows, and unlock even greater value from Graphlinq Hub!

Stay tuned for the big reveal, and prepare to elevate your experience with Graphlinq Hub to new heights!

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