Now Automate Trades On Binance & MXC Via GraphLinq, Using New Featured Blocks + Engine Advancements!

Celebrating the one-month GLQ anniversary date, we deployed another huge update on our network to create more use-cases for our Engine & IDE.
We have now more than 186 logical blocks available on the IDE and will keep delivering based on each new feature that we are developing!

Based on what we already achieved, we were only doing monitoring and read-only activity from chain and off-chain as of now.
It’s time to enable the true potential of GraphLinq Protocol by adding the execution over chain and off-chain, pushing the boundaries even further.

Today, we enabled trading access over the leading centralized exchanges for cryptocurrencies: This enables connecting logical blocks with your Binance, and MXC account for making limit SPOT Buy & Sell trade orders from any listed market pair.

You can now also create a trading bot on one of the supported CEX (we will integrate more CEXs with time) over your running graphs based on an on-chain activity: you just need to connect whatever you need based on your preferable triggers, conditions, and use the trade blocks to trigger your order.

Your API key from the exchange is required to execute your trades, you need to set it up on the block related to the CEX you wanna trade on. All the variables saved in your graphs are completely encrypted over our Network when it is sent to our Engine through the cloud to execute it with SHA-256, funds are safu.

We still recommend that you use a new account to operate your automated trade order tasks!

The next milestone to add support for on the GraphLinq Protocol is to integrate transactions broadcasting from the Ethereum network directly through a graph: you will be able to trade on Uniswap with your own account over your own made graph, create and automatically deploy an ERC-20 token or an NFT, and you can even go one step further to condition them based on an on-chain triggered event!

Here is a list of a bunch of basics templates we’ve added for you to play with trades from centralized exchanges (Binance & MXC):

We will add more complex templates within the next few weeks. We‘ll also be integrating the futures leverage trading in the near future. Template for a watcher bot to report to you your live trades positions over your preferred network will also be live soon!

You can access the whole list of available templates on by clicking on “Make a New Graph”.



In this new version, we’ve also added some new feature blocks. These blocked can be connected to add more specific connections to socials networks:

Discord new blocks available on the IDE.

Here are some new templates for Discord to try with new blocks features:

Join our Telegram community:

Follow us on Twitter:




GraphLinq Protocol enables anything & everything crypto/defi oriented to be built without having to code. Build on our IDE now:

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GraphLinq Protocol

GraphLinq Protocol

GraphLinq Protocol enables anything & everything crypto/defi oriented to be built without having to code. Build on our IDE now:

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