Latest update on Graphlinq’s current state

2 min readJun 3, 2022


Hey everyone 👋

We saw a lot of movement lately in the community and wanted to give a little sum-up of what is happening and the current state of GLQ.

Since the co-founder / CTO left we’ve been quite behind in our roadmap in delivering milestone features: we had hired a new technical responsible jr00t (John) that did his best to maintain, but considering the fact that the entire back-end system that was made from scratch by the former CTO, the entire process were slowed down.

After he left, we keep tried to search for some talents to join the team but didn’t find any serious match to work with which put us slowly on the demotivational road.

Adding to this, we didn’t find a fit in the no-code market and space: we have a really low count of graphs running and activity quite low in the dapps, same with the marketplace that we launched in Q4 last year, to be honest, our product wasn’t a success at all. Despite we did multiple hackathons, bounties, and other marketing campaigns with youtube influencers, educational documentation & videos, etc. the adoption of the product wasn’t smooth. For example, launching NFT smart contract feature without having to code seemed to gain good traction and hype with marketing, a lot of users tried to deploy graphs at that time but faced some challenges and there weren’t developers in the community and team to assist all of them, while the existing developers were focusing on the development of the marketplace, adding new features, and taking care of the mess our former CTO put us into i.e. understanding all of the backend architecture.

We’re sorry for those who felt let down, we are disappointed too with how things and the team have gone, especially with how the co-founder left and no real adoption. We want to say special thanks to the early supporters that believed in GLQ and stayed until today.

We are aware of our mistakes and how we should have communicated before on some of those subjects, but we kept working and thinking that some days, things will get better and improve with time: a project fudding itself isn’t constructive at all.

Now that being said, as some of our community members potentially proposed, we are open to making the project more open to the community and working with people deeply interested in the core mission and this market.

We’re also going to constantly keep looking for potential devs to continue the development of the project.

If you think you’re a good fit to support the project in terms of development or any other regard, drop a proposal to with your ideas.




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