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4 min readDec 20, 2023

There’s a new era in the making for the web3 no-code industry. Now on GraphLinq, we’re leveraging the AI to auto-generate executions with AI intents for all the blockchains we have available in our logical block like Solana, Polygon, Elrond, Avalanche, Ethereum, BNBChain, etc. This means our AI Intent LLM would be able to automatically execute tasks like deploying a token on any of the chains mentioned or more complex tasks like making automated trades on any of the DEXs available on our IDE (like Uniswap, QuickSwap, Pancakeswap, etc.), powered by simple conversational prompts. The possibilities are endless, with 300+ such logical blocks and the new GraphLinq Intent AI LLM.

How did it all begin?

GraphLinq, launched early in 2021 has been on a mission to embark on nocode automation and development in Web3. GraphLinq IDE has over 300+ logical blocks, which enable users to drag & drop on-chain/off-chain automation to be triggered based on events on-chain or off-chain. For instance, you could deploy a token on Ethereum network in under 2 minutes, or deploy an NFT Smart Contract in just a few clicks, or even build your own AI bot, all without coding. These examples do not even scratch the surface, as there are endless more opportunities possible like these in the domains of smart-contract execution, automated trades, tracking & analytical tools, and much more!

Although all of it seems quite fascinating still it requires users to go through the tutorials, drag & drop the blocks accordingly, or buy the template from other users and read the instructions. We had made it easier with our Instant Deploy Wizard on our dashboard which still required users to go through choosing a pre-set template from limited options, and setting in variables then deploying! Now we’re taking a giant leap towards making automation accessible and easy to a whole different level!

Introducing GraphLinq Intent AI LLM on the IDE | The Next Leap Forward for GraphLinq

To make it even more easier and accessible for automating/building in Web3, we’ve integrated Intent-based AI into our Engine & trained the models according to the logical blocks available on our IDE. Now users will be able to automate tasks, events, trades, development & much more through conversational AI with simple texts.

GraphLinq Intent AI serves as the conduit between human language and algorithmic execution. By seamlessly integrating conversational language with an intuitive interface, it empowers users to effortlessly deploy and manage various types of automation (like the examples we described earlier) without even having to go through dragging-and-dropping or any other

Send a message to the GraphLinq AI to automate/build your Web3 workflow

At the heart of Graphlinq’s Intent AI lies the capability to control the drag-and-drop editor on the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) through simple conversations or natural language. This transformative feature enables users to articulate their ideas and commands, facilitating a seamless execution of complex graph structures.

Sample Prompt: The User asked the GraphLinq AI to simply create a graph that sends the BTC Price to an “x” telegram channel every “x” minutes.

Sample Prompt: The user asked the GraphLinq AI to simply create a graph that watches every Solana block and prints blockHash.

Sample Prompt: The user asked the GraphLinq AI to create & deploy an ERC20 token. The same can be done on any EVM Blockchain available on our IDE like Polygon, BNBChain, GLQChain (Soon), and Avalanche.

Empowering Large Language Models (LLMs) for Enhanced User Interaction

Our graph-based structure has been meticulously designed to ensure that Large Language Models (LLMs) comprehensively understand and interact with the interface. This design fosters swift adaptation to diverse domains, allowing for a more intuitive and engaging user experience.

For instance, imagine setting up automated instructions with simple prompts such as:

  • “When BTC drops more than 5% within an hour, buy the top three trending altcoins on CoinMarketCap with 10% of available USDT on Uniswap.”
  • “Deploy a GLQC20 token $XYZ on GraphLinq Network with ‘xx’ supply and ‘xx’ decimal.”
  • Or even as simple as responding to a message on a Discord channel.

Join us at the forefront of innovation and witness the seamless fusion of human ingenuity and AI innovation. Graphlinq Intent AI is designed to simplify automation, allowing users to shape their ideas into actionable algorithms effortlessly.

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