GraphLinq & QuickSwap Announces Partnership For Integration on our Nocode Ecosystem

2 min readFeb 17, 2022

Following up on our partnership with Polygon and Elrond. We are growing our ecosystem and are proud to add integration for our newest partner, QuickSwap. — QuickSwap is the leading DEX on Polygon with nearly $1 billion in liquidity, almost $100 million in daily trading volume, and approximately 20 thousand daily active users. QuickSwap allows its users to trade ERC-20 assets with very low gas fees.

You can go to the GraphLinq IDE to experiment with the QuickSwap components as we have added some logical blocks ready on our IDE for QuickSwap components and create your first smart workflow.

About QuickSwap

QUICK is the native governance and utility token that powers QuickSwap — a decentralized exchange that runs on the Polygon Network in order to provide faster and cheaper transactions on Ethereum. QUICK can be used to vote on governance proposals concerning QuickSwap and can be staked to earn a portion of trading fees. Every day, tens of thousands of users rely on QuickSwap for their trades.

About Graphlinq

GraphLinq is a no-code ecosystem that allows anyone to automate crypto-oriented on-chain & off-chain actions without having to code. The ecosystem consists of a simple app and an advanced IDE for nocoders, an analytics platform, & an upcoming Marketplace for buying/selling of templates. With pre-made templates available for users with no knowledge about the technical terms, anyone can simply change some values here and there to deploy their automation without worrying about anything.

Live Integrations For Quickswap On GraphLinq:

  • Get Pair price for QuickSwap
  • Get Token price for QuickSwap
  • Get LP Token for QuickSwap
  • Get LP Token price for QuickSwap

GraphLinq will launch more blocks, and pre-made templates for QuickSwap in the coming weeks. Also as part of our partnership, QuickSwap will be updating GraphLinq’s logo on its Dex.

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