GraphLinq Partnership with Locklet Foundation — LKT Incubator Announcement

3 min readOct 4, 2021

Today we’re announcing a new partnership with an exciting project called Locklet: We are planning a bunch of analytics, blocks integrations, and more on their next releases as a continuous integration with their Protocol.

As part of our partnership, GraphLinq will include a set of tools including blocks to watch, analyze, tracking of what’s happening on the Locklet Foundation, broadcast on-chain transactions of their services, and schedule more features for the next major release of theirs contracts.

What is Locklet? (LKT)

Locklet is the world’s first decentralized vesting platform. It allows any crypto-currency holder to create more or less complex vesting clauses (locks) according to their need and have them executed over the desired duration and this is accomplished in a completely decentralized way.

Locklet is aimed at different types of users: entrepreneurs, teams, hedge funds, business angels, project communities and developers. Each of them, with the LKT dApp, can create the vesting clauses that suit them.
source from lkt docs

Why are we partnering with Locklet?

As we released the deployment of ERC-20 tokens (Ethereum crypto-tokens), having more featured blocks to create your own project and his further development such as securing the schedule of vesting automatically, through a simple graph to use, is quite needed after making a new token.

Locklet is an innovative crypto-project that aims to offer multiple services in this area besides token lock which is why we decided to partner with them to give more tools on token issuing and what’s around.

We will also provide blocks and analytics for their Incubation service for new projects to launch, and create the funds raise from GraphLinq, easy and all managed through no code on the entire process: the creation of the token, securing the supply through a lock vesting contract, and then the sale raise on Locklet coming incubator

The Lock Clause Contract

Each time a new lock event is occurring on their smart contract or, when a token lock is revoked or someone withdrew (claim) some funds from a Locklet lock clause, everything will be trackable on templates pre-made available on the IDE and in the GraphLinq app.

We will also add a feature so that you can create a vesting lock on your ERC-20 tokens with any events-based system automatically by broadcasting a transaction directly to their smart contract on the Ethereum Network or BSC.

Our Analytics Platform

On our analytics app, we will integrate stats of the Locklet Foundation and LKT such as under their own page:

  • TVL: Total Value Locked ($)
  • TTL: Total Tokens Locked (Count)
  • Total Platform Users (Initiators + Recipients)
  • Volume, Holders, ATH, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Total Supply, Maximum Supply & LKT Trades
  • TL: Total Locks (Count)

Announcement of the Locklet Incubator

Aside from their vesting clause, Locklet will launch later this year a decentralized Incubator backed by GraphLinq templates for automation and watching of new kickstarted projects to funds raise and initiate their liquidity pools, such as our beloved partners Unicrypt ❤

Pre-made templates with bots and official graphs launched by the Locklet team to give visibility to those new tokens will be created like: this Twitter bot made for Unicrypt.

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