GraphLinq Marketplace Beta Launch: Now Unleash The True Potential Of GraphLinq

GraphLinq launched in early 2021 with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), followed by an Analytics & App launch. The IDE is for the users who can go through our documentation to build cool templates for themselves/their ideas without having to code at all.

The app on the other hand is for users who would like to skip the documentation and IDE part, just select a template, change values of variables and deploy instantly! However, for the latter, the templates are limited which are built by GraphLinq developers as of now.

We’re excited to announce the launch of GraphLinq Marketplace with a bounty of 1 Million $GLQ for the most innovative templates. With the launch of Marketplace, GraphLinq will open up the possibilities of buying/selling/requesting custom no-code templates in a peer-to-peer manner, in exchange for GLQ. This would open up the barriers to entry even further in blockchain-related development.

How does it work?

On the Graphlinq marketplace, you can buy or sell any desired templates or ask for someone to create a new one for special tasks, all paid in GLQ directly. We safely store templates files in a database, for access and accreditation/transfer of funds to the owner of the templates, we do use a decentralized smart contract deployed currently on the Ethereum network.

The GLQ protocol takes 10% as a fee from the profit generated on template sales (hard-coded on the smart contract reviewable here).

What does it mean for the future of GraphLinq?

Users/developers who build the most useful templates with video tutorials will be rewarded GLQ as part of our bounty program. We’ll help the creators market their templates, and if other users find them useful they will buy the templates for GLQ.

This is a great incentive for the creators to create more templates. As the users find more useful templates being built on GraphLinq, the utility of our native token GLQ will increase more. Not to mention, we’ll soon be enabling GLQ as a payment method while executing graphs. For now, it's free, so don’t miss out!

1 Million $GLQ Bounty

To participate, create templates that can be useful to the no-code community, and list them on our marketplace. Along with the template, make sure to upload a video tutorial & documentation so that the users can easily interact with your template.

> 5K GLQ: Prepare a unique template, list it on the marketplace with a price of less than 1500 GLQ.

> 5K — 10K GLQ: Prepare a unique template with a unique featured image, list it on the marketplace with written documentation at a price less than 2500 GLQ.

> 10K-50K GLQ: Prepare a unique template with a video tutorial and written documentation.

> 50K+ GLQ: Prepare an innovative or useful template with case studies, examples, video tutorials, written documentation.

To participate in the bounty, please fill in the form:

The platform will be live this week at:!



GraphLinq Protocol enables anything & everything crypto/defi oriented to be built without having to code. Build on our IDE now:

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GraphLinq Protocol

GraphLinq Protocol enables anything & everything crypto/defi oriented to be built without having to code. Build on our IDE now: