GraphLinq IDE v1.3.2 Updates (Kucoin, Avascan, Snowtrace, etc.)

  • Place a limit buy order
  • Place a limit sell order
  • Execute a market buy order
  • Execute a market sell order
  • Get the trade status of an open order
  • Cancel an order that hasn’t been executed
  • Get full details of an order
  • Get the best ask, best ask quantity, best bid, best bid quantity, last trade price, and last trade quantity

Avalanche Blockchain

  • Avalanche Connector Node
  • Get Block Parameters
  • Get Transaction Parameters
  • Event On Avalanche Block
  • Event On Avalanche Transaction


  • SnowTrace Connector Node
  • Get Balance of a Contract
  • Get Token Supply
  • Get Total AVAX on the C-Chain
  • Get AVAX balance of a wallet address


  • Get Total Supply
  • Get Global Statistics
  • Get Staking Statistics
  • Get Burned Fees Statistics



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GraphLinq Protocol


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