GraphLinq IDE v1.3.1 Updates + New Blocks

We’re excited to announce new version of our IDE v1.3.1 with new updates/changes and more logical blocks. We have now over 250+ logical blocks.

These changes come with various developments making the platform more user-friendly. One of the main changes in the system involves edges of the visible canvas area in the IDE have been highlighted which makes it easier for people to understand where they are on the actual canvas and shall help people realize why their connector lines were getting cut off. Other changes in the IDE include:

  • Code refactoring

We have rapidly strengthened our partnerships to make the blockchain world accessible to all. For instance, GraphLinq has recently entered into a partnership with QuickSwap which shall enable its users to interact with:

  • pair price
QuickSwap Integration on IDE v1.3.1

Some of our previous partnerships include Elrond, Polygon, Unicrypt, etc. We are soon going to announce another partnership with a top layer 1 blockchain and hence endeavor to provide wider no-code development scope for the blockchain and GraphLinq community with the upcoming integrations.

What is GraphLinq?

GraphLinq is a set of tools including an IDE & an engine that run simultaneously with multiple blockchains and centralized data stream to offer a service of automatization of a process without coding skill required. GraphLinq even lets you connect to Ethereum/BSC data-feed almost for free and in real-time using GraphLinq to help you suit your Trading, DeFi & similar needs. The platform has live drag-and-drop plugins & a set of templates to choose from. Whether users want to fetch data from a decentralized or centralized stream and send it to the telegram, webhook, discord, etc., or if they want to set up a trading bot based on some indicators, anything and everything blockchain-oriented can be automated with the help of GraphLinq Protocol. Users can use our IDE to build custom templates and sell on GraphLinq Marketplace in a peer-to-peer fashion using GLQ on Polygon chain (our partner).

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