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3 min readFeb 21, 2023


Graphlinq Bridge & Staking Support Update | Support Tickets Live on Discord

Graphlinq is excited to open a ticketing system on our Discord server for our community members. We hope our discord will be a place for everyone to come together, be a central hub for all our community members to receive updates, have conversations, and get support for all things related to Graphlinq Chain.

GraphLinq Bridge Support update

Those who were holding GLQ on their erc-20 wallets at the time of snapshot, 12:30:00 PM UTC on 15th February 2023, were airdropped GLQ on GraphLinq Chain for gas in order to claim their bridged GLQ. But users who were holding their GLQ in exchanges or who recently bought GLQ were not a part of the airdrop, hence when they’re bridging GLQ to the GraphLinq Chain, they’re not able to claim their bridged GLQ. For now, we haven’t announced a faucet yet to prevent undue misuse of it, however, you can go to #support-tickets channel on our Discord Server with your wallet address. Our support mods will verify the details and assist instantly with gas fees so that users can claim their GLQ on the new chain.

GraphLinq Staking Update

We would also like to address another issue the community has been facing regarding staking. Some of our community members have been experiencing delays in updating their tier on the staking platform, which is based on the total number of stakers and their rank. This issue is due to delays in the UI, causing the tier to not update in real-time on the dashboard. However, we would like to assure the community that this is not a cause for concern. Any delays in the UI will not affect your rewards since the rewards are a smart contract. The app is just a dashboard — it does not handle any of the calculations, etc. We recommend you wait up to 24–30 hours for the dashboard to sync with smart-contract meanwhile we bring down the lag between the smart contract and tier-ranks on UI.

Note: The community members should note that the minimum staking amount for GLQ is 10,000 GLQ, irrespective of whether you are staking for the first or nth time. Furthermore, when staking for the nth time, any unclaimed rewards will be automatically added to your wallet balance instantly at the time of staking more GLQ, at the same time.

If you want gas on GraphLinq Chain, or if you have any other query or concern, create a ticket now on our discord!


First, make sure you’ve joined the official Graphlinq Discord server using the link below:

The first channel you should see is the “Verify-here”. It contains the server rules, which you should carefully read and then verify yourself by clicking the crystal ball.

Scrolling down the categories, you should see the “Support” category and the “Support-tickets” channel.

Before you start a new ticket, ensure you have a description of the problem you encountered. The more you share with us, the faster we can address the issue.

Clicking the “Create Ticket” button will create a new, personalized channel for your ticket and write a detailed message.

We hope that our new Discord support channel will be an effective tool to assist our community members in navigating the Graphlinq Chain and getting the most out of our ecosystem.



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