GraphLinq API / Analytics Interface And Further Advancement Over Partnerships

Hello everyone! 👋

We are actually at phase one of our current roadmap and are applying some new changes over time. GraphLinq is dedicated to simplifying the use and exploitation of Defi & Crypto on-chain activities.

Today we are announcing our partnership with Unicrypt. Unicrypt Network is a decentralized services provider available cross-chains (on top of 4 blockchains as of now). They have 3 Dapps up and running ready to be empowered with this collaboration.

As we started to talk with our Partners, we saw that there was in need for a special API system to be able to review their smart-contracts information over Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain network, and so on.

As GraphLinq is made to automatize and simplify those kinds of tasks we decided to take it one step further by creating a whole API exposing their data needs from lives blockchain-feed.

Here is an example of a Graph that exposes an API automatically over{yourGraphHash}/{endpoints} to watch over new swaps request coming in from an Uniswap pair, we save the data as internal storage unwrapped from on-chain to make it clearer and focus on the actuals needs:

Everyone can create their own Graph to manage a custom API and doing more tasks from any received requests. As an official Graph list, we will host them ourselves (they will be named ‘GraphLinq Official Graphs’ — and will be run and managed directly by our team).

This is meant to show real-time use cases fitting directly our partners’ requirements (and even more!). We will be announcing new partnerships as we go along.

In the next phase, our plan is to release an online interface called “GraphLinq Analytics” on which we will give a direct view of the data collected from our running API. The Proof-Of-Concept will be shaped with Unicrypt, as part of our collaboration.

More announcements will come once we have a new release to put in production.

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