GraphLinq Ambassador Program — An opportunity for nocode & crypto enthusiasts to represent the community!

  • Learn and work closely with the best in the Cryptocurrency Industry and build a very strong network.
  • Opportunities to work with leading projects in GraphLinq Protocol.
  • Receive merchandise and goodies on a regular basis.
  • Opportunity to become a representative of the GraphLinq Protocol and lead an active community of thousands of members.
  • Receive GLQ as bonuses for exceptional work!*
  • To promote engagement and participation by increasing awareness and support for the GraphLinq Protocol in their communities.
  • Content creation — courses, core topics, and development.
  • Ideate and execute innovative plans for workshops and promotion.
  • Find Blockchain/crypto enthusiasts and support in developing and expressing their ideas.
  • Speak at conferences and hackathons, regionally as well as nationally representing GraphLinq Protocol.
  • Content Creation and Management (Tech or Marketing)
  • Local Community Manager & Translator
  • Community Moderator
  • Local meet-ups organizer
  • Graphic Designing or Video Editing



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GraphLinq Protocol

GraphLinq Protocol


GraphLinq Protocol enables anything & everything crypto/defi oriented to be built without having to code. Build on our IDE now: