GraphLinq Ambassador Program — An opportunity for nocode & crypto enthusiasts to represent the community!

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3 min readNov 18, 2021

Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast passionate about everything crypto and excited to learn more about the space?

If yes, then your time has come! We are launching our Ambassador program and you can now apply to become one of our Ambassadors!

GraphLinq Ambassadors are passionate members of our community that support GraphLinq platform in various ways, such as assisting GraphLinq’s users with questions and concerns, promoting the GraphLinq ecosystem, and providing feedback to improve GraphLinq offerings. Our Ambassadors play a major role in bridging GraphLinq with all of its worldwide users!

Why should you apply to be an Ambassador?

  • Learn and work closely with the best in the Cryptocurrency Industry and build a very strong network.
  • Opportunities to work with leading projects in GraphLinq Protocol.
  • Receive merchandise and goodies on a regular basis.
  • Opportunity to become a representative of the GraphLinq Protocol and lead an active community of thousands of members.
  • Receive GLQ as bonuses for exceptional work!*

Objectives of an Ambassador

  • To promote engagement and participation by increasing awareness and support for the GraphLinq Protocol in their communities.
  • Content creation — courses, core topics, and development.
  • Ideate and execute innovative plans for workshops and promotion.
  • Find Blockchain/crypto enthusiasts and support in developing and expressing their ideas.
  • Speak at conferences and hackathons, regionally as well as nationally representing GraphLinq Protocol.

Ambassadors get to select their work from a range of indulging roles

  • Content Creation and Management (Tech or Marketing)
  • Local Community Manager & Translator
  • Community Moderator
  • Local meet-ups organizer
  • Graphic Designing or Video Editing

You will be prompted to select any of these based on your interest in the Ambassador Application Form.

Being an Ambassador of GraphLinq, you will learn and grow with us.

Here are a few skills which GraphLinq Protocol will empower you with.

Engaging with the Community

Engagement is a crucial factor that our community loves. As an ambassador, you will inspire engagement through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events — Nurture and grow the community, one user at a time.


You will be a leader in the GraphLinq Ecosystem. Ambassadors will share knowledge and create brand affinity. As an Ambassador, you will also direct people to resources that increase GraphLinq’s brand awareness worldwide.

Educate and Empower fellow users of the community

Foster and shape GraphLinq’s presence in local markets by sharing best practices with our users that will help drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement.

Have a special talent? Chat with us to find a way you can use it to help expand the GraphLinq Community.

Ambassador Program Advantages.

As an Ambassador, the more passionate you are, the more recognition you get: from exclusive merchandise to early access to features, goodies, and much more!

The GraphLinq Ecosystem is excited to nurture and grow with the brightest minds out there!

If you think you have what it takes to be an Ambassador, make sure you apply here:



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