GLQ Public Sale On Uniswap Via ILO on Unicrypt Protocol

It was just yesterday (16th March, 2021) when we announced our private sale, 30 minutes prior to opening the invite-only round. It took us 7 minutes to raise our goal of 70 ETH and many interested investors missed the opportunity. We have exciting news to share for all of those who missed the chance, just carry on with the article to know all about it.

For those who are still not very sure about what GraphLinq is, it basically enables building blockchain developer tools without writing a single line of code. To learn more about the project in detail, you can tune onto our founders’ Graphlinq introductory AMA.

We have already explained what GLQ is, its tokenomics, use cases, prices in different rounds, in our last article.

After a massive success of our private sale, we are excited to announce that will be hosting our public sale round on Uniswap via Unicrypt in the form of an ILO, that is beginning on 21st March 18:00 UTC and will be live for 48 hours only, or for lesser time if we reach our hard cap of 350 ETH sooner.

Things You Should Know Before Participating In GLQ’s ILO

(i) ILO will start sharply at 18:00 UTC on 21st of March at Unicrypt and will be live until we reach our hard cap (>48h) or for 48 hours. We will announce the listing date of Uniswap once the ILO is concluded.

(ii) You must have a minimum of 4 UNCX or 50 UNCL (either one of the two) in your wallet in order to participate in the GLQ ILO. We also strongly recommend holding UNCX and/or UNCL as Unicrypt is a high potential project and is going to host a lot of exciting ILOs in the future as they did for us. We also would announce a partnership with them in the near future.

(ii) The ILO will take place in terms of ETH, so you must have ETH in your wallet to buy GLQ tokens.

(iv) Maximum of 3 ETH worth of GLQ can be purchased per wallet.

(v) 50% of the liquidity will be completely locked for 6 months over the Uniswap pool, and Unicrypt has a migrations feature to extend that if the community for it.

How To Participate?

Step 1: Make sure you have at least 4 UNCX or 50 UNCL in your wallet. You can purchase the tokens from here.

Step 2: Go to Graphlinq ILO Page on Unicrypt

Step 3: Connect your wallet while making sure it is on the ethereum blockchain.

Step 4: Select the amount you want to participate with, then proceed with the transaction

Step 5: Once an ILO is successful (soft cap met + end block reached, or hard cap met), a publicly callable function will then be used and initialize the markets.

Read the entire tutorial, here.

For any questions that you might have,

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