X GraphLinq Text AMA Transcript (14th April, 2021)

Mariela, Business Developer at Introducing The CMO Of GraphLinq: Hello everyone! Today we have our AMA to get to know Graphlinq a bit more!

Let’s welcome their CMO @Rish_Graphlinq !!

Thanks for being here!

Rishabh: Hi @marielat

Thanks for having me here.

Mariela: We are excited to learn more about your project…

But first tell us a bit more about you

Q. Tell us about how you entered the crypto space and how your background contributed to your early successes

Rishabh: Sure

So I entered the crypto space back in 2016, and since then I have been involved with marketing and growth for various popular crypto projects. On the other hand, the developers and cofounders of Graphlinq Protocol, Frederick & Nicolas are very well versed with technical concepts. Frederick is an engineer graduate from one of the most prestigious institute in France, 42 . fr and Nicolas have around 10 years of experience in development. Nicolas & Frederick realised during their prior jobs realised that there was a need of automatisation on in a lot of aspects, and the found it possible to do so

Thus, with Graphlinq Protocol, they had aimed to build an interface which lets organisations, individuals, and newcomers to build automatisations on top of blockchain/defi protocols without having to code. We didn’t stop here, we wanted to give the builders on Graphlinq complete freedom as the developer has, by also giving them the benefit of fees charged on basis of nodes executed. Thus the user on Graphlinq Protocol only pays for the nodes executed. So when we had this platform ready, my main emphasis was on delivering this message to the right audience on how Graphlinq Protocol is the way to go. We’re being able to deliver our message to the audience well so far, so far so good and we’ll continue to spread our message to the wider audience.

This background of the entire core team contributed to our early success.

Mariela: Interesting… looks like a very good team

Q. So talking more about your project, what is your project exactly and can you tell us more about your vision?

Rishabh: Graphlinq is a no code protocol for blockchain development, in simpler terms think of what wordpress did for non developers. Graphlinq is new, our co-founders started working on the project in mid January. Graphlinq currently has an IDE where you can use our high powered drag and drop feature to build and connect your ideas. For instance you can build a telegram bot to retrieve a detailed live price update of any token you choose. You can set up trading bots. You can track whale movements in specific blockchains. You can send push notifications and emails to all of your smart devices. You can even track live tweets from your favorite accounts and much more! Our vision is simple, we want to give the easiest coding experience without users being frustrated.

However Graphlinq Protocol is not just for non-developers, it is also for developers who can build templates on top of our protocol and sell it on Graphlinq Marketplace (which will be available later this year). We’ve already started doing YouTube tutorials for developers so they can build templates from scratch, it still doesn’t require coding, but a basic idea of development is necessary for building things from scratch. Our vision is to onboard as many as developers possible who will build and sell Graphlinq templates of our marketplace, and the non-developers/newcomers will be able to simply use pre-made templates from Graphlinq team, or buy particular templates from the marketplace as per their needs to build their tools within 5–10 minutes.

Q. How has your journey been? What are some of the major milestones you guys have hit so far and why are they important?

Rishabh: Well that’s the question i love to answer the most

as before we conducted our ILO, we already had our platform live. app . |

so, since our token has launched on March 21st, 2021 our team has been working tremendously hard. We are way ahead of our roadmap already.

Here are a few accomplishments that we are proud of:

Partnerships; Polygon (Matic) for Layer 2 solutions, and support for Matic on our Engine, IDE & Analytics. (4/9/21)

Listed on; Hotbit (3/23/21), (3/31/21), CoinTiger (4/7/21), Smartdex(4/10/21)

Farming on Smartdex (4/10/21)

Reached; 3,000 hodlers (3/29/21) 4,000 hodlers (4/10/21)

Updates; v1.0.6 Engine Upgrade CEX and block intergration (4/2/21), 5 new languages added to website (4/6/21), v1.0.7 Auto save feature, ui improvements and bug fixes (4/9/21)

We already have over 150 block integrations now on our IDE.

We are proud to hit these milestones because it shows how fast we are growing. It’s important to highlight your partnerships with companies and exchanges so you can widen your user base. Meanwhile constantly updating and upgrading our IDE. 🙂

I’ll talk more about how each partnership is important

for instance -> our partnership with polygon for layer 2 solutions will enable our users to trade GLQ for lesser fees on DEX, and to execute graphs on our IDE the cost will be comparatively way lesser as nodes executed on matic chain will cost less gas.

Also, we have matic partnership for our analytics platform which will extract specefic data set from the matic chain and reflect on our analytics platform. so it will help graphlinq get more exposure from the matic community.

on the other hand, we have enabled farming on smartdex for GLQ users on matic

Over 150 block integrations on our IDE opens up new possibilities of building on our protocol.

Q. Great! Awesome so how has the community taken your project?

How has your community grown since you first launched?

Rishabh: After the launch, our community has grown organically (& tremendously) on telegram, twitter & YouTube. Most of it I’ll say, is word of mouth. Graphlinq is just spreading like wildfire within crypto and nocode community. For instance, just few days ago we got to know from our community that we won a voting competition on SatoshiStreetBets on telegram, they have a really cult community who look deeply into the project. We’re being listed by few DEX on their own, some p2p derivates exchange has also started futures trading for GLQ but we won’t endorse it here as it is not official from our side.

So long story short, we’re seeing new interest everyday and with our recent partnership with Matic & more to come soon, we expect to see our community growing further. We just love our community. 🚀

Mariela: That is a good community and should really be a great part of your project!

Q. Coming back a little to your project… Can you tell us more about your business model?

Rishabh: Sure, so right now graphlinq isn’t charging users to run their graphs on our protocol. We will be though starting to charge our users to run their graph on our IDE based on the nodes executed. But, the fee generated from execution of graphs, will be burned permanently from the circulation making GLQ a deflationary asset. We’ve also recently added support for our layer 2 solution with Polygon, so our users can be saved from paying huge fees on execution of graphs on our IDE. Graphlinq also aims to make commission from our marketplace that is scheduled to be released later this year.

Mariela: The marketplace really seems interesting!! And because of all the partnerships you have it seems like you can really develop a lot more. Your project seems somewhat unique.

Q. But are there others like you? What are some of the competitors you’ve identified (crypto or non crypto) and how are you different?

Rishabh: Thanks for your kind thoughts about the project. Yes we are unique, and we get asked this question a lot. As people sometimes confuse us with The Graph & Parsiq. One may think that The Graph or Parsiq are Graphlinq’s competitors. Simply because we are all data driven companies. However this is not the case. Let me try and explain it in a little more detail.

There is no other project in blockchain that is building a no-code automatisation development protocol and charging fees based on directly the nodes executed. Parsiq allows users to create smart trigger too. But we have a different approach, we are more a platform for creating new tools and not just create an alert on something.

GraphLinq can interact with a smart contract with no human interaction for example you will be able to trigger an alert AND trigger a swap on Uniswap based on a price like a stop loss onchain.

Parsiq offers automation of tasks like for example watching over new ethereum deposits on a specific address and alert you when you’re receiving one. Graphlinq has another way of thinking about those kind of tasks. You can create your own graph and decide what will happen on the new ethereum deposit easily almost like you were a coder, based on all the blocks available on our IDE. Event based triggers and Condition based triggers, you can link it with anything you want.

more flexible — more programatic, without having to write code!

Mariela: Definitely making things easier to create more! I like that 🙂

Q. So to wrap it up…what can we look forward to? Where are you heading in the next few years and what are the next major updates for you ?

Rishabh: Yes, making things easier for our users and every newcomer is the goal.

We will start to charge users based only on the nodes executed while running their graphs on our protocol, but thanks to our partnership with Matic, the gas will be negligible. By next month we’ll launch Graphlinq Analytics with 2 initial partners — Matic & Unicrypt. We’re in discussions with a few more projects for potential partnerships, which we’ll announce with time. Graphlinq has already added support for major exchanges on the engine & IDE, like for uniswap, pancake swap, Binance, bitfinex, kucoin, kraken, etc. and many other services.

Our next milestone is to add integration for deploying ethereum smart contracts on top of Graphlinq Protocol. Users will be soon able to deploy tokens, lock up periods, NFTs, etc. on our platform without having to code at all. So all of this is a near future goal. But if you are asking about few years from now, you can expect a large community of developers on Graphlinq Protocol that’ll be building and adding new integrations/templates on the marketplace, and tutoring nocoders to easily use the template and deploy their own graph within just few minutes. Last year the trend was DeFi, this year it is NFT, we already have all of these integrations available on our platform already. All of the upcoming trends on blockchain/crypto will be supported with Graphlinq, making it the go to place for nocoders in the crypto ecosystem.

Mariela: I like that you support new trends. keeping up with the market is definitely something important!

So thank you for sharing. I will now open the floor for the audience. to ask questions!

[ community asked numerous questions]

Mariela: Ok thank you all for so many good questions! Let’s give Rishabh some time to choose!

Rishabh: Thanks to everyone for their questions. It is impossible to answer these many questions by me myself in this AMA session duration, so we’ll be choosing 5 questions. If you have any questions unanswered please feel free to join our telegram. We’ll be happy to answer your questions there as well.

[Questions From community]

Q. A partnership is essential for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have now and in the future? — Sadhin Bangla

Rishabh: Sure, we totally agree that partnerships are necessary for adoption. We are currently just 3 weeks old and we have already secured partnership with Unicrypt, & recently Polygon (Matic network).

Our partnership with polygon is unique, as it is not just about the layer 2 solutions, but also adding matic support on our engine, ide & analytics. About our future partnerships, we cannot announce in advance but rest assured, we’re in talks with more crypto/blockchain projects to enter into partnerships with.

Q. Can anybody use your marketplace/platform from anywhere in the world? Can anyone participate In the development of this project? — Maria Martinez

Rishabh: Our platform ide. graphlinq .io | app. graphlinq .io is accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to internet. We’re always welcoming participants in the development of our protocol, you can simple join our telegram group and ask for the development support group link to start developing on Graphlinq.

Q. Token burn is important for investors, do you have any plan burn or buy pack? — Sara tancredi

Rishabh: The users who wants to deploy & execute graphs on graphlinq protocol must have GLQ to pay gas, which will be burned permanently from the token circulation.

Q. When following the road map- what are the most important priorities next? Does Graphlinq Protocol team have enough basic reserves (funds- community- etc.) to achieve these milestones? — Ukniser Line

Rishabh: So the best part is that we are already ahead of our roadmap. But since we reached our milestones early, we decided to add more things in our timeline. Our next important priorities is to have blocks for deploying ethereum smart contracts (token, lockup) & nft deployment, launch of graphlinq analytics & marketplace. We are also sighting for a top tier CEX listing in the near future.

Q. As far as I can see, NFT and BSC are the next trend of new projects. As I know there are a lot of very good development projects on this platform, what is your opinion about this development? — Mr. Bean

Rishabh: We have a very strong opinion on NFT & BSC. NFTs have a long way to go, as it is giving exposure to a really celebrated audience. Artists, Singers, Celebs & Influencers tend to have really strong popularity and people tend to listen to them more than to us tech freaks. Now with majority of them entering, they’re bringing an entire cult following behind them to crypto. Because of such a large audience making the switch to NFTs, really talented artists are also getting the attention they always deserved. On the other hand BSC is making it easier for projects to launch easily without having to bear huge costs. We at Graphlinq support both BSC & NFT and see that they have a bright future ahead of them. Thats why, we already has connectors for BSC available on Graphlinq Engine & IDE. Also really soon, we’ll add necessary block for deploying an NFT using graphlinq protocol as well.

Mariela: Ok well thank you so much for answering, Rishabh!

If someone wants to learn more…where can they go?

Ok so our bot is not letting him share…but I will 🙂 If anyone wants to learn more you can go here

GraphLinq Protocol: The automation of decentralized DeFi datas monitorization and external executions over multi-chains applications.



APP: |

Thank you Rishabh for being here and sharing with us!

We will stay pending on future updates!

And thank you everyone who participated! Have a great day!

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