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3 min readMar 2, 2023

GraphLinq Chain, a fast and secure blockchain built for decentralized applications, is now available on ThirdWeb, a comprehensive web3 development framework. With ThirdWeb, developers can easily deploy smart contracts on GraphLinq Chain without writing a single line of code.

This integration opens up exciting possibilities for building decentralized applications and deploying NFTs with ease and efficiency. Here are some of the possibilities that developers can explore with GraphLinq Chain and ThirdWeb:

Deploy Smart Contracts Without Coding

ThirdWeb provides an intuitive interface that simplifies the smart contract deployment process. With a few clicks, developers can deploy their smart contracts on GraphLinq Chain without needing to write any code.

Build Dapps on GraphLinq Chain

GraphLinq Chain provides a fast and secure infrastructure for building decentralized applications. With ThirdWeb, developers can build dApps on GraphLinq Chain with ease, leveraging its fast transaction processing and low fees.

Deploy Smart Contracts Easily and Cost Efficiently

Smart contracts have become a hot topic in the blockchain space, but deploying them can be a complex and expensive process. With ThirdWeb, developers can easily deploy smart contracts on GraphLinq Chain with minimal cost and effort. This allows them to focus on creating unique and valuable smart contracts instead of worrying about the technical details of the deployment. To demonstrate, we are deploying a smart contract on GraphLinq Chain using ThirdWeb, we have provided a step-by-step guide below:

1. Navigate to and make sure your metamask is connected. Select Graphlinq chain mainnet

2. You’ll find a lot of contracts available, Select a pre-built smart contract from the available options

3. Fill in your smart contract details or upload your code to the editor provided.

4. Click “Deploy” and wait for the deployment to complete.

5. Review and confirm the deployment settings, including gas fees and contract name.

6. Once deployed, you can manage your contract settings and other permissions from the ThirdWeb dashboard.

Deploying smart contracts on GraphLinq Chain has never been easier, thanks to ThirdWeb. By simplifying the deployment process, developers can focus on building their dApps and creating innovative solutions for the blockchain space.

For other integrations for your dApps without having to code, use our instant deploy wizard app. Documentation:

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