Bear Markets Are For Building

3 min readJul 24, 2022

by: Jr002

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In this market, before I dive in I just want to remind everyone that my posts are for informational purposes only about the development, usage, and project updates regarding GraphLinq. Obviously, as a member of the team, this information is being communicated so that you can do your own research, make your own trading decisions, and manage your own money should you ever decide to invest on your own — no one else can do that for you. I am certainly NOT a financial advisor. I have never given any financial advice or suggested that anyone blindly invest in GraphLinq or any other crypto, stock, or other investment vehicles.

Why I personally think GraphLinq is a cool project and what makes it different, regardless of the price, from other projects out there and why I still continue to enjoy working on the project, adapting its goals to the market, and continuing to put my time into its development.

Wow, that is a title. The truth is, that while we all see how GraphLinq struggled to create the adoption we all wanted, this project is like no other. Every other solution on the market want’s to box you in and GraphLinq went the complete opposite route. Meaning, rather than give users a WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get), the project tries to keep things open so you could use it however it fits your needs. I think it still can appeal to developers, with a goal of rapid deployment without needing to write code. The truth is, this is a tough balance to strike.

The products already in place are there to support this growth, from a developer, down to the primary users. That is the goal of the Marketplace and the Wizzard to quickly launch graphs. But we all know the downfalls like the interface not being as intuitive to the noncoders, and honestly, do I need to list this out — I’ve been in chat every day — and I know the complaints.. so let’s focus on the future….

Where We Go From Here

I’ll keep this part concise and bullet-pointed for clarity:

  • I am fully taking over the GraphLinq project.
  • My role will transition to CEO however I will maintain the lead on the development side.
  • All roadblocks, timing issues, team communication, everything will now fall under my direct management
  • A clear roadmap will get released
  • Primary focus on the PoS blockchain for GraphLinq
  • A long-term strategy for marketing
  • A plan to bring fellow developers to the platform to increase the usefulness to the real no-coders out there.
  • Hiring developers to assist me.
  • Rish will transition to an advisory role where he would be focused on strategic partnerships which he excelled at while at GraphLinq
  • Frederick’s knowledge, and passion he has for this space, will remain an asset to me and the project.

I’m not here to debate the problems or put blame on anyone. My only goal is to move forward, develop during the bear market, and put GraphLinq in a position to do well when the next bull market cycle comes around. I fully trust both Rish and Frederick. Their new roles are a better fit for the long term and will both provide amazing guidance as we rework the project, develop it more, and try to fix the problems and mistakes of the past.

author(s): Jr002

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