Announcing GLQ Vesting & Unlock Schedule Over Unicrypt

In 4 days it’s going to be one month since our ILO. Over this short period of time, we have surpassed four thousand hodlers and have grown our community to over five thousand people. We have been listed on Uniswap, 0X Protocol, 1inch, smartdex, Hotbit & Cointiger.

We have Partnered with Polygon (Matic) for layer 2 solutions and to add support for matic to our engine, IDE & analytics platforms. During our ILO and private sale, which was historic for Graphlinq, we sold 50% of GLQ’s total supply. Which equates to 250 million GLQ. 73 million of the remaining 250 million GLQ supply was used via Unicrypt Protocol to initialize the GLQ-WETH pool on UniSwap. The remaining GLQ tokens will be unlocked on April 21st, 2021 on Team.Finance (TrustSwap). Here is a detailed breakdown of how GLQ tokens will be placed for locking/vesting starting April 21st:

Team Wallet funds (0xc0db7eff590dd029f39f2329b48ae3103ef294fa) = 25M GLQ

Core Team: 20 million GLQ (1 year vesting)

Development Team: 1 million GLQ (6 months vesting)

Others: 200 thousand GLQ (1 year vesting)

3.8 million GLQ relocked for another month. Depending on the hirings each month, a proportion of GLQ will be set for vesting and any remaining balance will be relocked again.

Marketing Wallet funds (0x0e36b4b0c20130c96a91969c166bc960eecd1a86) = 20 million GLQ

Marketing & Growth Operations: 5 million (1 year vesting)

5 million unlocked for potential further partnerships, marketing & bounty activities for community adoption, expanding user base, competitions on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Remaining 10 million GLQ will be locked again for a 6 months period.

Treasury Funds (0xe87e9c55a720c89257302237b76cd5ba386d3819) = 139.5 million GLQ

73 million GLQ liquidity added through unicrypt protocol on Uniswap for WETH — GLQ pair initialising

15 million GLQ sale from pre-listing (Fully Unlocked over a 3 month period)

17.3 million GLQ sale from post listing investment (investment on OTC wallet 0xe033934800f0f16Cd212D140df6DC7D5Aaf2D520) — Lock Up Period: 6 months

1 million GLQ added for liquidity & trading competition on SmartDex and currently listed centralized exchanges

1.2 million GLQ paid for marketing activities & listing fees on 2 CEX ( and 1 more announcing soon).

800K GLQ unlocked for another near future potential top tier CEX listing.

800K GLQ unlocked to be given out as a loan to a fiat on-ramp platform, enabling GLQ to be bought via fiat.

Remaining GLQ will be locked again for another month. Each month, based on the needs of the project a proportion of GLQ will be unlocked, and the remaining balance will be locked again.

Bounty wallet funds: (0xee1686e340ff35a713db3d87e4d45cab9225dcf6) = 50 million GLQ

5 million unlocked for bounty rewards for onboarding developers to build on graphlinq protocol and for platform growth (graphs creation, libraries, blocks, etc.)

The remaining GLQ will be locked again for three months. After three months, based on the needs of the project a proportion of GLQ will be unlocked, and the remaining balance will be locked again.

Check out the GraphLinq Wallets List & Addresses here.

As mentioned above, GLQ tokens will be locked on Team.Finance starting from April 21st, 2021 until May 8th, 2021. However, as part of our partnership with Unicrypt we will be shifting our locked and vesting tokens to Unicrypt Protocol starting May 8th, 2021. Please note that Unicrypt is currently developing their locking/vesting system, which is scheduled to be live in the first week of May 2021. With our upcoming Graphlinq Analytics platform, we will be providing a data visualization of our vesting and lock/unlock token schedule on Unicrypt.

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